Client experience

We are matching against soft and hard skills so… understanding your business is essential. Meeting you is essential.

We are actively recruiting for you before, during and after each assignment… You will read a lot about attracting passive candidates. That is where our network comes in. If we don’t have the candidate for you on our books then they are just a referral away. We source via the network and recommendation is the key to success.

And… this never stops!

We see ourselves as Recruitment Partners who represent your business so as such we are the first interaction between you and the candidate…

  • We meet all candidates.
  • We screen all candidates.
  • We match all candidates against your brief & business culture.

A short list of candidates is just that; a list of:

  • qualified individuals
  • who are on brief
  • fit your culture
  • who have a desire to work with you
  • who come to interview prepared

Recruitment is not an exact science and we would be lying if we said we always got it right first time. However at the Digital Talent Network our knowledge of the digital space, access to the talent & culture of working f2f means that we offer a true matching service.

Candidate experience

We do everything face to face. How can we match you if we don’t know you. We offer:

  • CV advice service
  • A huge network of clients and contacts in the UK and Globally
  • Interview preparation
  • Post interview feedback
  • Contract negotiation

With a network that goes back to the 1990’s we have targeted reach across most areas of digital media:

Digital sales, marketing, business development, ad ops and senior management, we work across media owner, portals, search, ad networks, mobile, video, affiliate & ecommerce, RTB, ad technology, agencies and corporate digital departments.

Executive search

At the Digital Talent Network we believe that the day of the generalist search firm has gone.

It’s the specialist who has helped candidates develop their careers over the last 10+ years who can offer access to the best senior talent. We understand your business and know the talent in the sector.

Our expertise in the digital media space means that our Search Practice offers true insight into the candidate pool. With a network that goes back to the 1990’s we have a wealth of senior contacts who trust us with their own career development and their contact book. Search at the Digital Talent Network is bespoke but starts with a trusted pool of experts.

Recommendation is by far the most efficient sourcing tool. Every search starts with the passive pool of contacts that we have cultivated over the last decade. By talking to the senior execs that we know we are able to cut through the research process. We cover CEO, MD, Commercial Director, Sales Director & Marketing Director positions. Through our partner network we can also cover all of your senior finance positions.